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20 setembro, 2011.

1-) Coven Of Darkness - Hailz Ahrin, how are you? Thank you for your confidence in my work. Xeper began in 2007, comment briefly on the band's history for readers who do not know yet

Ahrin: Hails Coven Of Darkness! I am very excited to respond to this interview for the Brazilian Metalheads! Yours is the land of extreme metal, for us it's an honour to have the chance of being interviewed by you, as you rightly mentioned the path of Xeper started in 2007, the brotherhood that binds me with has created this new creature that responds to our command... XEPER. With the subsequent intervention of The Tanist (voice) and Alekht (bass) now we have a stable and efficient line-up. We all are people who come from various experiences of the Italian undergruond and Xeper is the sum of many years of militancy in the scene.

2-) Coven Of Darkness - Researching the name Xeper the concept, I saw that it means something like "separation" or "isolation". Could you explain in detail the concept behind the name Xeper and your lyrics?

Ahrin: Well, Xeper is a doctrine of ancient Egypt, it's the doctrine of power, it's the doctrine of becoming through ourselves. Dying microcosmic level and reborn in a macrocosmic level as a divine being. Our intent is divine because it comes from the divine act of stimulating the essence static and return it to chaos. Dividing and separating it erupts in static and back to create continuous motion where life and death are in constant succession and never infertile human concepts. Hail Satan, Hail Seth, Hail Chaos! Ho Drako Ho Megas!

3-) Coven Of Darkness - Ahrin like to know your feelings about the following topics: Writing songs, recording and playing them live? Taking the question to you, what the most important aspect of a concert Xeper?

Ahrin: As I said before Xeper is a doctrine, and we are the ones who lives it and disseminate. Each of us lives what we do in the band as a philosophy of life and act accordingly. Each of us brings the best of himself and fusing all the result become Xeper! The most important aspect in our group is the true devotion to our cause. We're all professional musicians who give heart and soul to the music. In the stage of Xeper you will find blood, sweat and fire our death and our rebirth again... again... again... Our death and our rebirth.

4-) Coven Of Darkness - I was impressed with the quality of Matrix Divina Satanas. His sound is an extremely brutal and cold and gloomy atmosphere. How is the reception of the public and zines about it? 

Ahrin: Oh yeah... You perfectly described the sound of the Matrix Divina Satanas! The album has just been produced by Undercover Records and they are doing a good promotion, we are getting good response and we hope that this is only the beginning!

5-) Coven Of Darkness - How did the contact with the label Undercover Records Production? What is your opinion on the work done by them? Are you satisfied?

Ahrin: As I said, Undercover Records has produced our CD and we are satisfied. We were contacted by Zulbert (Undercover Records). He was immediately enthusiastic about us and our music,and we thank he to have believed in us.

6-) Coven Of Darkness – Matrix Divina SatanasFire DecodedThrough Dark I BecomeRemake 'cause Immortals are many outstanding songs on this album. To be honest, it is difficult to highlight anything before so many great songs! What songs are having this album shows a greater receptivity in the Xeper? 

Ahrin: Yeah! Thanks for your comment about the songs! Well, every Xeper song has a different feeling. I can say for example that when we play live we create a sort of magical effect by alternating faster and more obscure songs to songs more emotional, when we begin to live with Fire Decoded the audience goes delirious! Certainly the song Matrix Divina Satanas is our anthem, but when we play Through Dark I Become filled with a dark energy that then flows into our public. That song has always been a very strange song. Every time I listen again I feel a strong shiver in me... Pure energy!

7-) Coven Of Darkness - One song that caught my attention was Through Dark I Become. It has in its midst, a reminder of the passage with a female vocal, which left her with an environment totally hopeless. It is the intention of using this type of element in future compositions Xeper? 

Ahrin: I see that this song has done you a strange effect-Murihel is my girlfriend, she is who has sung with The Tanist in this song. His speech he made this song a true masterpiece. Not the usual intervention of a female voice as many bands do. It's a true anthem to Seth.. Murihel actively is working as a graphic designer and still co-operate with us!8-)

8-) Coven Of Darkness - All members are part of the Xeper other Terrorist groups such as Hell, Divine Codex, Impiety, Ars Macabre, etc.. How do you do to manage it all? The Xeper is the priority? 

Ahrin: Yes, is also guitarist in Impiety and Divine Codex and I am also drummer in Ars Macabra as well as having my own personal project called Devotion Omega. between us is the busiest member with the tours of Impiety but we still managed to go ahead with Xeper. I live in Rome and the rest of the band live 600 km far away from me. the rest of the group lives in the north of Italy where I was born too, but then I moved to the fucking capital of Italy HAHAHAHAHA

9-) Coven Of Darkness - Some personal questions now. Listening carefully Matrix Divina Satanas noticed that you're a drummer with a very fast and extremely accurate technique. I wonder when you decided to become a musician and what are your main influences?

Ahrin: Thanks for the compliments! I've started to play the drum ten years ago. I was a crazy fan of thrash and early black metal scene. My biggest influences and most of the biggest Xeper influences are absolutely Mayhem, Dissection, Immortal.  I immediately began to spend my time playing in many bands but none of them was interested in playing something more extreme... Really blast beat heart pulse! I met Guh.Lu on my journey and now here we are.... Xeper ! 

10-) Coven Of Darkness - What is your opinion on the metal scene today? You hear new bands and new releases or do you spend your time only with old albums? What are the releases that caught his attention the most lately?

Ahrin: In Italy is very difficult to establish but will not give up! There are many good bands but there is no real support. Unfortunately, the metal in general is much more followed and supported in Europe, Asia and America, however, as I said we will go back and will try always to give our best! I continue to listen to records that have made the history of the genre. My favorite record of all is De Mysteriis Doom Sathanas. I am also a big fan of Behemoth, Watain and Arkhon Infaustus.  

11-) Coven Of Darkness - Italy is also known worldwide for their great names like Metal Bulldozer, Necrodeath, Mortuary Drape and Necromass. Now how is the scene in Italy? 

Ahrin: As I said there are many good bands in Italy, but each one thinks for themselves. Think that if you want to play you have to pay booking agencies, etc... Ridiculous! Certainly more than the bands you mentioned I would add: Nefarium, Black Flame, Sidus Tenebrarum, Arkanum Inferi (Hails brothers!) 

12-) Coven Of Darkness - Ahrin, a curiosity about the Italian and European scene. Is there some kind of regionalism in the fans and / or bands? For example, there are conflicts, segregation or styles of metal that predominate in certain regions? What about bias / parochialism, there is some kind of "differentiation" as race / skin-color / creed / sex scene? If yes, please give us examples.

Ahrin: Surely the world is full of fools which go make war because they have a white cock and the others have the black HAHAHAHA I personally do not care about these people but you're right, these people exists! I hate those in politics to music... NSBM? Fuck you dirty shit! I hate people who use music for their vile and filthy intentions! The most ridiculous thing is the porn-grind! But that shit is stuff? Seems a kind of frustrated!

13-) Coven Of Darkness - Beyond Xeper, what do you do when you're at home? You have free time for hobbies? 

Ahrin: I work in a esoteric bookstore with my girlfriend and also dedicate many hours of my day to play the drums. My life is made to read books, listen to music and studying drums! 

14-) Coven Of Darkness - Ahrin thank you for your interest in answering my questions! Brazilian greetings for you and all members of Xeper. Finally, what the future plans of Xeper? You are already working on the songs from the upcoming album?

Ahrin: Thank you a lot and to Coven Of Darkness! It was a real pleasure for us! We are currently completing the recording of a new mini CD. This is all for now! Hails! 

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